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Q:     Who is that handsome devil on the left?

A:     That’s Mr. Wimples, Grace and David’s own, much loved dog. He was instrumental in developing policies and procedures as Saving Grace Services grew. His first human left him with the Steckler’s for boarding…and then called to say that she had moved to Alaska without telling them! Rather than dumping him on a plane to make an uncertain journey to the Great White North, they welcomed Mr. Wimples into their family and gave him a great life.

Q:     Are you insured?

A:     Yes. We carry pet sitter’s liability insurance for all of our employees and independent contractors.

Q:     Are you bonded?

A:     Yes. We are bonded.  A dishonestly bond comes into play in the unlikely event that an employee is convicted of a crime.

Q:     Do you offer a frequency discount?

A:     The Pack Advantage™ is a flat monthly fee that provides for five walks per week at our lowest rate.  All other services are billed at our à la carte rates.

Q:     Can I transfer my Pack Advantage walk to an off-hour time?  What about evening or morning walks?

A:     The Pack Advantage™ applies only to mid-day walks. However, you should feel free to add evening or morning walks as the need arises. Each added walk will be at the à la carte rate and will be charged to your account on the 1st of the following month.

Q:     Are there any exceptions to The Pack Advantage ‘set it and forget it’ process?

A:     Just two: Major holidays and non-midday services.
The Pack Advantage™ is based on 5 mid-day dog walks per week, including minor Federal holidays. For the ‘big six’ holidays when we are traditionally closed though, as a Pack Advantage member, you can have a walk if we have available staff.

Please let us know as SOON as you know your schedule, as we book up very early for New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas and our staff likes to take time off too!

Walks on those days will be charged the à la carte rate plus a $10 holiday surcharge.
‘Off hour’ services, such as morning and evening walks are also charged at the à la carte rate.

Q:    How do I manage taking time off for vacation with the Pack Advantage?

A:  Cancellations for vacations or business travel can be scheduled in one-week (Monday through Friday) blocks; these blocks will be credited to your account.  Cancellations for less than five consecutive days will not be credited.

We’d love a week or more notice when you will be away, but if something crazy pops up, just send us an email at petcare@savinggraceservices.com and we will let your walker know not to stop by.

We also understand that your schedule can change unexpectedly. For example, if you come home from vacation early and need to add say, a Friday walk, you can do so at the à la carte rate of $18.

No matter what, we’ve got you covered.

Q:    What if I’m only going to be away for three days?

A: The primary advantage of The Pack Advantage™ is that it is a ‘no-brainer’. You can set it and forget it.

If, however, you need to cancel three walks, we’d recommend you just leave the week in place. Cancelling three walks and adding in two at the à la carte rate, would save you less than $9. You, of course, have that option, but we hope the convenience of not having to think about it, will be more valuable to you!

Q:    How do we pay you?

A:     Payments for The Pack Advantage™ services are billed to your credit card on the first of each month for that month’s walks.  Additional services scheduled during a given month are added onto your next month’s invoice.  Payments for à la carte services are processed on the first of the following month.

 Q:    Will I always have the same walker?

A:     Saving Grace Petcare understands the bond that forms between you, your pet and your dog walker.  We strive for as much consistency as possible; however, there are times when a substitute (also known as ‘swing’) walker is necessary.

When circumstances require a new walker, we provide as much notice as possible.

Q:     How many dogs do you walk at a time?

A:     Saving Grace provides ‘pack’ walks for up to four dogs at one time.

Q:     Is the price the same if my dog is one of four dogs being walked or if my pet is walked individually?

A:     Our service model does not accommodate for dogs that cannot be walked in groups due to reactivity, high energy, aggression, or owner preference. We are happy to provide referrals to individual walkers who can manage solo walks. If you dog needs ‘off-hour walks when no ‘buddies’ are available, those walks will be billed at a higher rate.

Q:     What do you do with the dogs when you are picking up or dropping off another dog?

A:     Our dogs are tied securely on a porch or behind a fence while they wait for the walker to pick up or drop off other dogs. During times of extreme weather, dogs may be ‘sheltered’ in your foyer for safety.

Q:    How do I add/cancel walks?

A:     Send us an email or submit your request directly through LeashTime®.

Q:    What happens if we cancel a walk with less than 24 hours notice?

A:     Pack Advantage™ members can submit cancellation requests at any time.  Clients choosing à la carte walks must provide notice of cancellation by 5PM the business day prior to the scheduled service, otherwise full fees apply.

Q:    Can we add a walk with less than 24-hours notice?  If yes, is there an additional charge?

A:     As Pack Advantage™ members are already scheduled for five walks per week, there is no need for same-day additions.  For à la carte walks there is a $5 charge for same-day additions and a $10 charge for emergency additions. Emergency additions are those scheduled with less than three hours notice.  There is an additional $20 charge for same-day scheduling requests made on Saturdays and Sundays when our office is closed.

We are not able to guarantee coverage for evening walks scheduled same-day and, as such, there are no same-day addition fees charged for these requests.

Q:    My dog is elderly and just needs to get out for a few minutes.  Do you offer pee breaks for older dogs?

A:     At this point, we only offer existing clients ‘elder-walks’ for pets who have become too old for regular walks. We do not offer this service for new clients.

Q:     Why are evening, weekend, and morning walks more expensive?

A:     These walks are solo walks outside of our normal business hours and the walker receives higher compensation for travel time and administration.

Q:     How is doggy day care different than boarding?

A:     Doggy day care occurs during business hours when for whatever reason, a pet cannot spend the day in his or her own home.  The pet is dropped off at a Saving Grace day care provider between 8:00-9:00 AM and picked up between 4:00-5:00 PM on the same day.

Boarding occurs over a period of one or several days when the owner is out of town and the dog must be cared for full-time.  The pet lives with the Saving Grace boarding provider as “one of the family” until the owner returns. While there may be one or two other dogs present, it is generally a much calmer environment with more individual attention paid to each dog than a commercial day care facility can provide.

Q:     What do I need to bring with my dog when boarding?

A:     Bring your dog’s collar, leash/harness, food and treats, medications (if needed), along with specific, written instructions for feeding. You will also want to bring a favorite toy, bedding, and a crate if your dog uses one.

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