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Saving Grace makes house calls! We visit your home for sitting or your pet visits our homes for boarding!

Dog Sitting

(in your home)

While you are away, we will visit your home on a schedule you choose to walk, feed and provide company for your dog. Sitters can also administer medicine, bring in the mail, water plants and switch lights on and off. We are often able to arrange overnight stays so your dog can curl up next to a warm body!

Walks are charged individually; choose as many or as few walks as you need.

Walks will generally occur in the time frames below.

Morning $20 7 to 9 am
Midday $18 11 am to 3 pm
Evening $20 5 to 7 pm
Late Night $25 9 to 11 pm
Weekend $20 9 am to 7 pm
Overnight $50 9 pm until 7 am –includes short AM/PM walks
Additional dog $5 Overnight stays are subject to the availability of a pet care provider
Dog Boarding

(in a staff member’s home)

One dog $65 per day, with partial days prorated
Two dogs $90 per day

Your pets will live as a member of the family in the home of an experienced and vetted pet care provider who will follow all your pet’s usual routines. This is especially great for older dogs who need a little extra TLC.

Cat & Critter Sitting

(in your home)

One or two cats $20 per day
Three cats $25 per day

There is an additional charge of $2.50 per cat for households with four or more kitties.

We’ll visit and care for your finned, feathered and furred friends, per your instructions.

Cat Boarding

(in a sitter’s home)

One cat $35 per day
Add a cat $15 per day

While cats are generally happier in their own environment, we can often arrange care in a staff member’s home for unique situations such as: real estate open houses, renovations, exterminator visits, and other circumstances that make it necessary for the cat to be away from home. This service is subject to sitter availability.

Doggie Day Care

(in your home or in a sitter’s home)

One dog $35 per day (contact for rates for more than one dog in day care)

When occasional work or personal commitments keep you away from home for more than 5 or 6 hours during the day, your dog can enjoy a day in a pet care provider’s home. Your pet will be given a fun day out without the stress that some dogs experience at larger day-care facilities.

Home Checks

(while you are away)

Basic Home Check $15

Turn lights on or off, bring in mail and papers, check locks and lightly water indoor plants.

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