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Grace lives on the Hill with her husband and four kids. Although she focuses on management, Grace and her family love to pitch in with walks and sitting when needed.

Mollie wearing Saving Grace Services shirt


Mollie has coordinated our pet sitting and boarding services for years. Her ‘juggling’ skills help us get through hectic holiday pet sitting seasons efficiently and with good cheer. That means your boarding and pet sitting assignments will go even better! She and her growing family are frequent hosts to Saving Grace dogs in their home here on the Hill.


Laura F.

Laura is our go-to person for billing and accounts. If you have received our informative newsletter, it came from Laura! If you haven’t, be sure to drop her an email at info@savinggraceservices.com and she will make sure you receive our next one.



Paul is the rockstar of the neighborhood he walks…the Navy Yard.

His clients are abuzz with praise for him and recommend him by name all the time. They trust him implicitly and he has an intuitive understanding of what each pet needs.



Orlando is a perfect dog walker. He gets the job done; his clients love him and because he is so affable and reliable, they routinely tell us how much they trust and appreciate him. He always has a smile on his face!



Bill is a bundle energy! He is truly able to handle, with finesse, whatever the day throws at him.

Many of our clients know Bill because he has substituted for almost every one of our mid-day dog walkers. Even though he is a swing walker and does not have a set route, he is quick to assess and deliver whatever his dogs need.



Palmer’s life experience has led him to be one of our most peaceful and easy-going walkers. Having lived in South America for more than a decade, he has developed the ability to adapt to whatever comes his way.

His gentle spirit and strong guidance cause his dogs to see him as a beloved leader.



Vicki knows what her dogs need and her sweet nature makes her clients truly appreciate her. In a quiet, unassuming way, she carries a heavy load on her routes with good cheer.



Liza is a native of the DC area. She came to the Hill after earning a degree in psychology and fell in love with its quaint beauty and its abundant dog population. Liza is a vegetarian with a knack for rescuing dogs (she’s helped six find their forever homes) and loves walking through and enjoying the beautiful neighborhood with your pups.



Rindy is a long-time hill resident, and most recently “The Hill Gardener” writer for the Hill Rag. She shares her life with her husband Frank, and their dog, Lola, an American Fox Hound rescue. She is a marathon walker and fine arts photographer, often showing work at the Hill Center.

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